1. More of the work i got finished this week at @codyapp 

  2. Paying catch up at @codyapp after my crazy work schedule last week. It was a great week and got tons of work done. Excited for the new things coming to #codyapp 

  3. It has been a busy but great week at @codyapp  Here is the proof! #design #lovewhatyoudo 

  4. Screenshots of some things I have been working on at @codyapp #week2 

  5. Quick screenshots of the things I have been working on my first week at @codyapp 

  6. #screenshot of something i’m working on. #fitness

  7. #screenshot Current Project. 

  8. Screen-shot of an infographic i’m working on about the power of runners. #workinprogress

  9. Rule #7: No carbs after lunch. 

  10. Rule 6 of The Skinny Rules by Bob Harper.